Everything a child needs to reach their full potential is already on the inside of them.

The secret lies in harnessing that individual potential by applying the right developmental activities at the right age and in the right sequence, which is an essential component to build a structurally sound foundation for future scholastic performance and life skills.  MommaMia holds the key to playfully unlock and develop the genius that is within every child, with demonstrable long-term benefits.

What makes the MommaMia program unique?

We focus on Real!

It is developed by a real mom with a real baby in real life. Mia and I live in the real world, where life is fast paced and often demanding. The balance between work and family life can be challenging, but that is when we treasure the moments that we share together in play.

Tried & tested

Whatever activities we use are tried and tested. Mia is an expert assistant in testing out my innovative ideas. Some, she has proven to be less innovative and others brilliantly creative. We only use what works and that makes the app authentic and practical.

Home-based toys

Mia and I love to use items for play that is at our disposal in our home. Pots, pans, plastic cups and spoons are some of our favourite play-friends, and we aim to assist the parent to think creatively of what items to use in their own home.

Therapeutic activities

MommaMia is a therapeutic program, designed for teachers and parents to optimally develop and guide children through each developmental phase with simple, fun and creative play activities. The program aims to produce learners that are school ready and have a superior capacity in all functional areas.

Addresses key developmental areas

The program addresses the child’s developmental areas ranging from gross and fine motor skills development to enhancing cognitive and language skills. It focuses on sensory stimulation as well as the integration of self help activities needed for daily living. It further guides both the parent and teacher to incorporate emotional interaction and bonding as part of the developmental process.


Each activity is graded to simplify and enhance the natural innate capacity of every child and is individualized to meet each child’s specific needs.