9-10 Months

I think any parent can agree with me that you cannot comprehend the word LOVE until you have children. We will forever be in the process of learning about LOVE and shaping our understanding of what that little four-letter word really means. It is a ritual of ours (my husband and I) to go and check on the kids before we go to bed. As I look at them, sound asleep in their beds, I often find myself smiling with a tear rolling down my cheek. So much love for such a tiny person – yes, it is possible!

My Mia is now mobile, which means I am on constant high alert. She is crawling with confidence, pulling herself up against furniture and exploring her surroundings on her own. I love seeing her discover her environment and enjoying every moment of her newfound independence. Mia is fearlessly pursuing her freedom of getting around, while I am suddenly very aware of dangerous territory, sharp edges and electrical sockets.

I’ve also made peace with the fact that it will be some time until I will be able to drink a whole cup of hot coffee or finish a conversation without interrupting it halfway through a sentence because my “where is Mia?” senses kicked in. How does a nine-month-old manage to disappear so quickly? Here one second, gone the next, and wherever you find them, they are likely to be up to some sort of trouble (it is just the intensity of trouble that varies from time to time).

Mia is so aware of what is going on around her, and even at this young age her mind is set on doing things on her own. She provides us with endless fun as we watch her attempts to feed herself. It’s a chaotic mess, but seeing the surprised look on her face when she manages to get something in her mouth is absolutely priceless. She is on a mission to experiment with how things work; opening and closing everything from kitchen cabinets to drawers and doors.

Writing down all of this just makes me realise that Mia has started her journey towards becoming independent. It might be small steps, but it has begun. It is astonishing to realise that everything I know how to do, she still needs to learn. Knowledge is power, indeed. I pray that Mia will continue to enjoy discovering her independence, her world and herself. What a blessing it is to be a parent!

MommaMia Tip:  Create an environment where your baby can learn, develop and grow while feeling loved, secure and nurtured. LOVE is the key to optimal development.

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