35-36 Months

It is with mixed emotions that I write my final blog for the MommaMia app today. As I look back over the past three years, I have NO idea how Mia and I managed to pull it off. Pause. Let me revise my last statement: I DO know how we managed – by God’s grace alone! His grace has been sufficient during the countless hours of preparation, filming, editing and revising to have each video ready to be loaded onto the app. His grace and bountiful provision have carried us through this journey. I am overwhelmed with joy that we have come this far and deeply sad that we are saying goodbye to such an amazing chapter in our lives.

Mia turned three a few days ago and per her request we had a MommaMia birthday party. I thought it was the perfect ending to our beautiful journey and it gave me a great deal of peace to know that Mia loved and enjoyed this venture as much as I did. I pray that in years to come she will look back on all our adventures together with a smile on her face and a warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart as she remembers how much I enjoyed spending this time with her.

I strongly believe that the most valuable gift we can give our children is time. No toy, how great or magnificent or costly, can ever replace the value of a mother’s loving embrace or a father’s tender lap. Whether we sit together in the hammock or take a stroll in the park, talk about our day around the dining table or make up our own bedtime stories; it’s not what we do that matters as much as that we do it together. Your own children will tell you that their most precious memories are those where you took time out of your day to focus only on them.

I believe that love is the foundation and basis for healthy development. As we make time to show our children the true meaning of love, we are in fact making valuable deposits into their overall development. It all starts with love.

MommaMia Tip: I am deeply grateful that you have joined me on this journey. Please stay in touch and keep following us. We are a family on a mission and will continually provide you with fun activities to share with your kids. We gladly invite you to play along.

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