32-33 Months

I deeply appreciate the beauty of a tree that has lost all its leaves. That may sound a bit weird, I know, but there is something extraordinary about the stripped down, naked, bare tree. With only the trunk and branches it stands vulnerable – no lush leaves to hide the cracks and the flaws. Although exposed, the bare tree stands firm; unshaken with no hidden agenda or pretences. When I look at such a tree I experience the beauty of raw realness, and together with that thought resonates the word ‘parenthood’.

In my experience, there are few things in life that can strip you down and humble you like being a parent. Once you hold your baby for the first time, you immediately embark on the journey of raw realness. It might sound like I’m saying or implying that this state of vulnerability and raw realness is a bad thing, but it is quite the contrary – I love this feeling of freedom that comes with letting go of all the perfect pictures and ideals I had before I became a parent. It is absolutely liberating!

I have been stripped of all my masks, idealistic expectations and perfectionistic values. I have discovered the rawness and the beauty of creating and enjoying family life. To outsiders, my life might look far from the perfect picture and my home far from organised, but I love the changes, challenges and unexpected twists that now make up my normal day. My kids spice up my life and I love the rawness of parenthood. It is real!

MommaMia Tip: I believe that parenthood is a process of being stripped down to such a degree that you start reflecting the true you. I want my kids to see the real me and I want them to feel safe enough to be vulnerable and to develop and grow into who they really are. It might be a difficult process, but there lies a great sense of freedom in keeping it real.

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