26-27 Months

Mia has always been my baby girl, my little ‘principessa’ (princess), but this month she became my friend. I can’t actually say what happened that made me feel this way, but while she was curled up on the couch next to me, I just instantly knew that this little girl will now and forever be my best friend.

This month, we did so many wonderful things together. We painted toe nails, had a tea party and even did some shopping. Part of our shopping trip included buying Mia some panties. She has been doing really well with potty training and was ecstatic to get a new pack of panties. Janno took it on himself to showcase our potty training book to Mia. I bought this amazing book when Janno was potty training and it works wonders. It tells a story of how a curious little rabbit observes how all the animals make a poo in their diapers. The story ends off with the rabbit showing all the animals where he left his business. Of course, not in his diaper but in the potty. Mia loves the book and Janno’s descriptions of the dirty nappies. She laughs out loud and then yells, “Poo in the potty!” Hilarious! Anyway, it did the trick and now Mia is more excited than ever to use the toilet.

Potty training is normally a difficult one for parents. The question I get asked frequently is, “When is the right time?” My advice is that your child will show you when the time is right. They will become interested in using the potty or toilet and then start to experiment until they are comfortable to try it out. Do not start too soon, it will only lead to frustration. The key to successful potty training is to be patient. Remember that there will be many trial and error moments before your child will master the skill. Encourage them and give plenty of praise when they get it right.

MommaMia Tip: It is hard work to grow up, to reach each developmental milestone and to learn everything there is to learn in this world. I am so proud of Mia, my little girl, my best friend.  Tell your toddler how proud you are of his/her attempts at reaching milestones.  It’s a big thing for them and they are doing so well.

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