25-26 Months

Mia has adopted some of the expressions of the people closest to her, so whenever she uses one, I know exactly whom she is imitating. It is of course hilarious when you hear someone speak through the mouth of a two-year-old. Although, it’s not so funny when she copies something that was better left unsaid. Such an occasion happened recently when we visited grandma’s house and Mia announced with great disgust that the food was ‘yucky’. I can honestly say that we never talk about food as ‘yucky’ – we are actually quite strict about it – but she must have picked it up in a different context and applied it perfectly in this scenario to my great, great, great embarrassment.

There is not enough space to describe the countless episodes of fun we’ve had with Mia copying us this month, but let me share one more. I absolutely detest it when our dogs bark in the house and, since we have two small dogs going in and out of the house all day, it frequently happens that one of them goes on a barking spree indoors. I will immediately revert to shouting, “STOP IT!”, in a very firm and irritated tone of voice.

One morning, Mia was upset about something that I took away from her. I can’t remember what it was, but knowing Mia it was probably something she sneaked out of her brother’s bedroom. Mia finds Janno’s room absolutely fascinating, but whenever she enters there she ends up doing some sort of serious damage, so she’s not allowed in his room anymore. Janno’s intricate Lego constructions, paper aeroplanes, card games and drawings have all been through Mia’s hands, and to his great horror most of his treasures didn’t survive. It is with good reason that she’s banned from his room.

Anyway, let’s get back to my story. I was in the process of gently removing whatever item of great value she found in Janno’s room and while protesting heavily, she shouted at me, “STOP IT!”, with the exact tone of voice as when I yell at the dogs. She had me startled for a second in absolute amazement and then I had to run for the bedroom because I couldn’t help exploding with laughter. Of course, I didn’t want to give Mia the satisfaction that her act turned out to be the funniest moment we had that day.

MommaMia Tip: I’ve made a mental note to take caution and be very mindful about what I say and do in front of my two-year-old. She is like a sponge and she will absorb everything, good or bad. When she does copy me, I want to be proud of what comes out of that innocent little mouth.

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