24-25 Months

Life with a two-year-old can only be described as fun. Wide smiles, giggles and quiet, mischievous moments are what make up my day. Sure, we have our moments of hysterical tantrums, but compared to the fun and laughter it is but a blip on the radar.

So much of Mia’s personality is starting to show and I find it absolutely fascinating to just sit and watch how she operates. It amazes me how such a tiny human being can be so sure and confident in her ways, absolutely happy and full of love. Watching Mia’s carefree exploration makes me want to escape the hustle and bustle the everyday rat race brings.

Mia’s day is made up of increments of joy. Whatever she is busy with, she always seems to enjoy it. Whether she is putting on her shoes, brushing her teeth or packing a little bag of nonsense, she loves whatever she is doing. Even while she’s lying on the couch drinking her tea, she looks so blissful. She just enjoys life, every moment of the day.

Mia also fears very little things in life. At times she might get a scare from a sudden, loud noise, but overall she is carefree in her endeavours.

Just speaking for myself I know that my life would be much better, fuller and more peaceful if I had more joy and less fear, like Mia. I allow myself to worry about unnecessary things. I stuff my day full of things to do, only to freak out and stress about how I will manage to get everything done. Why do I do that to myself?

MommaMia Tip: My little girl teaches me so much about life: Be IN the moment. Enjoy little things like brushing your teeth or putting on your favourite pair of shoes and savour the peaceful moment when drinking a cup of tea. Have more joy and less fear – that is what makes an ordinary day an exceptional one.

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