22-23 Months

I spent this month laughing about all the cute things Mia came up with. Her two-word sentences are priceless and I love how her vocabulary has expanded to describe this amazing world she is discovering. Every time she opens her mouth, I am amazed at what she says and how she is growing and developing.

Mia has a mind of her own and she enforces her way of doing things by any means necessary. Sometimes, I’m unsure whether I should be utterly shocked at how persistent she is in getting her way or whether my heart should just melt at the cuteness of her boldness. Even Janno, her older brother, is finding it hard to manage his strong-willed sister who is five years younger than him. Having a sister seemed like a great idea in the beginning, but Janno has clearly expressed that it’s time to send his sister back to wherever she came from. She’s loud, makes a mess in his room and cries hysterically every time he tries to save his paper aeroplane from her destructive, uncoordinated grip. She takes away all his individual attention and even bites him from time to time.

Having a younger sibling can be a challenging adjustment, and helping your eldest to cope with these changes is very important. As cute as Mia can be to us, so frustrating she can be to her brother. As parents, we need to acknowledge the emotions, whether good or bad, of our children and help them understand how to effectively deal with it. Making special playtime with Janno helps him see that he is valued and loved although he needs to share attention with Mia.

Life with kids is never perfect. In fact, it is a mesh of beautiful moments and total disasters. Over time, I’ve learned to let go of that idealistic, perfect picture of how a family should be and I’m holding onto God’s perfect picture for my family.

MommaMia Tip: I love embracing life with my imperfect family. We have our moments of fighting and tantrums and bad moods, but we cover ALL of that with moments of fun and laughter and an abundance of love. I hope and pray you do the same.

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