21-22 Months

I can only describe this month as one of pure joy, having actual conversations with Mia and mostly wondering how extraordinary blessed I am to have such a cute little girl. She absolutely has the cuteness factor at this age; melting hearts wherever she goes.

Even Dad is no match for her cuteness, as I caught him giving up the centre, and most delicious part, of his peanut-butter sandwich. Mia just took it out of his hands, took a bite and off she went. My husband didn’t even say a word, in fact, he smiled as she ran off with the rest of his favourite sandwich.

I was observing this whole sandwich affair, half shocked that even I would not get away with a stunt like that and then wondered how babies do that … how do they get to be so cute? Then it hit me like a lightning bolt – Mia is not a baby anymore; she is now a little girl.

All the evidence, that she has transitioned to little-girl status, is there:

  • No more holding my hand when attempting steps. The keyword is: “SELF”.
  • No more sippy cups with rooibos tea – she wants juice from a box with a straw like the big kids.
  • No more nappies during the day, she wants to wear panties.
  • No more laying out clothes for the day, Mia wants to choose her own outfit.
  • No more cute headbands, she wants ponytails – two to be exact.
  • Shoes and handbags are very important for every trip, and the bags (plural – it’s never just one bag) must be filled with stuff. Stuff, meaning whatever random items she can find, whether relevant or irrelevant to the trip.
  • Toenails must be painted and makeup brushes are very interesting to try out.

Yep, our baby is not a baby anymore and it slowly dawns on me again how precious the time is that we have together. To live and enjoy every moment in time is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family. No matter how we wish it, we cannot have do-overs in life. All we have is NOW. Let’s make this NOW – this day, this minute – one of those memorable moments.

MommaMia Tip: Try to stay clear of the phrase: “Where has time gone?” Make every moment count. Live, breathe and embrace the NOW.

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