16-17 Months

What I love most about Mia in this phase of her development, is that I can see her beautiful personality emerge. I love seeing the little girl she is becoming.

Mia is headstrong and excessively wilful. She just has to get her way and her way only. While temper tantrums and stomping of feet are part of a normal day for us, Mia’s heart is always friendly and full of joy. Laughter is as much part of her being as breathing. She loves hugs, kisses and closeness. Reading a book while sitting on my lap is her all-time favourite activity.

Mia is also tough! Sometimes, my heart skips a beat when she falls or attempts some ridiculous stunt that her older brother would not even dare try. She seems oblivious to fear and the word ‘careful’ is not included in her vocabulary. She basically laughs in the face of fear.

This is such a wonderful lesson: To laugh in the face of fear. When I became a parent, my level of fear suddenly hit second gear. The ‘what-if’ scenarios seemed to flip through my mind on a constant basis. What if my child gets hurt? What if my child gets lost? What if my child gets bullied? What if my child is the bully? What if my child is not normal? That’s what fear can do to you. You start off with a normal day and before you know it your mind is going down a dark rabbit hole, thinking about the most horrific things.

Thought for the day: Corien, get your mind out of the rabbit hole! I’m reminded of 2 Corinthians 10:5 that says: “We are taking every thought and purpose captive to the obedience of Christ.” That means that every thought that enters my mind should be checked and evaluated to make sure that each one is in line with what God says and promises. My choices are simple: I can either discard that fearful thought, or entertain it and allow it to grow and fester in my heart. There is a saying: “You are what you eat.” I disagree. You are what you think. What you think about most will direct your life. When your mind is thinking negative thoughts, your actions will follow that negative mindset. Therefore, choose healthy thoughts like you would choose healthy food. Keep your mind healthy. Fear has no place in our minds. That space was designed for peace and rest and an abundance of joy.

It gives me great pleasure to watch Mia fearlessly explore her world. She’s got it all: joy, love and a bold pursuit of what is important to her.

MommaMia Tip: Fear is contagious; therefore, be mindful of how you speak and act in front of your toddler. The good news is that JOY is also contagious … share that in bucket-loads.

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