15-16 Months

Mia has a hero, and it is her five-year-old brother, Janno! Wherever he goes, Mia follows. Janno’s room is her favourite place in the whole house. When Janno plays outside, Mia is there. When Janno drinks water, Mia wants the same. At 14 months of age, Mia could already eat on her own with a spoon, because Janno showed her how. When Janno climbs a tree, Mia is right behind him attempting whatever she can and making it well known that she is upset whenever she isn’t able to reach or climb or get to wherever Janno is. In Mia’s mind, there is no such thing as, “I cannot do it because I’m only 15 months old”. Oh no, she can do anything!

I once saw a picture of a cat looking in a mirror and the reflection spoke loudly about what the cat thought of himself. In the mirror, the cat saw a lion. I was wondering about this as I watched Mia play with Janno. Mia clearly believes that she can conquer the world and it left me thinking: Where did I lose that sense of bravery? When do we stop believing that we are lions?

I’ve come to realise that self-belief is the most critical component of living a successful and purposeful life. I have a friend that always says: “Knowing who you are, is as important as knowing Whose you are.” Having your identity firmly established in Christ, gives you the authority to own the lion mentality. In Him, we are children of the Almighty God; there is nothing ordinary about us.

I want to give a shout-out to all moms and dads and proclaim that you are magnificently made. You are designed to be the best mother and absolute best father to your child. Stop believing the lies; exchange the lie-mentality for the lion-mentality. You are a worthy mom and a worthy dad. Believe it!

MommaMia Tip:  Embrace this truth today – Life should not be lived ordinarily, going about your days just breathing in and breathing out. Life becomes life when it is lived with bravery, authority and confidence – then it becomes truly exceptional!

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