13-14 Months

This month was a month of high-highs and low-lows. Somewhere, between all the highs and lows, we have to live life and live it brilliantly. I have a friend that uses the following phrase: “A mother is the glue of the household and she cannot afford to become unstuck.” Wise words! I have realised how much my own joy in life influences my family. How being determined to keep all the balls in the air can negatively affect my household. There are no do-overs when it comes to our children. We only have one chance to live today … we have to commit ourselves to be IN the moment.

One of my high-highs for the month was the fact that I could be there, in the moment, to witness Mia’s first attempt at walking a few steps. I reacted with a series of joyful squeals, which gave Mia such a fright that she started crying and refused to walk for the following three weeks. Being in the moment with a tiny, 70-centimetre-tall, mobile person is crucial for survival. Suddenly, nothing is out of reach anymore and there is a certain boldness to Mia’s endeavours that leaves me breathless at times. Making a run for the stairs or climbing to the top of the burglar bars seems to accompany this newfound walker’s confidence. It would help if all mothers were born with swift, ninja-like movements to aid in all life-threatening predicaments that 13-month-olds can manage to get themselves into.

One of the biggest low-lows for the month was when Mia fell ill with a high fever. In my opinion, there aren’t many things that can get a parent down like seeing their child fall ill and not being able to stop it. In my case, I felt like the worst parent in the world when I thought Mia’s high fever was due to teething and then it turned out to be a strain of swine flu and she had to spend 5 days in hospital. In times like these, I seriously doubt my parenting skills and then it’s so easy to hang the “bad-mommy label” around my own neck.

However, I still have a choice on how I view myself and my household. Yes, sometimes I get it wrong and I mess up, but I remain a good parent and a wonderful, loving mother. I’ve given myself permission fail sometimes, as long as I learn, adapt and implement these changes in the future. Lies seep in so quickly and it seems easier to believe that I’m a worthless, clueless mother than to stand in the authority of my Creator and live the promises that He speaks over my life.

Whether high or low, I’ve decided that I won’t allow my glue to become unstuck. My family needs a mom that fills the house with sweet scents of love, joy and laughter. A mom that is forgiving to everyone, including herself. My family deserves a mom that loves and embraces her perfect imperfections. I am such a mom and I aim to live life brilliantly.

MommaMia Tip: Whatever mistakes you might have made are now in the past where they belong. You have permission to start on a clean slate. Today is a new day!

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