2-3 Months

I didn’t realise it before I became a parent, but parenthood comes with a bucket-load of emotions that is wonderfully unfamiliar, sometimes confusing, and overwhelming most of the time. My emotions are a mess, so is my hair and my body – it must be the aftershock from pregnancy. Nothing seems to be normal, but I absolutely love this new, weird, emotional, exhausting, loving, tiring, joyful, crying season that I had to adopt since I brought my newborn home from hospital.

Despite my emotional rollercoaster and feeling a bit out of control, I embrace my role as a mother with all of my heart. I never thought that I could love someone so much; an abundance of love for such a tiny little human being. I am convinced that parenthood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Having a child has made me appreciate life, value those close to me and definitely made me appreciate my own parents much more than I used to.

As wonderful and amazing as parenthood can be, it is also very hard and emotionally exhausting. If there is ever a resolution that I want to keep, it is to recharge and rest while embracing this whirlwind of a season. I urge you to go on a date night or out with friends. You are not a bad parent if you seek and long for “me-time”. Be brave and work through any feelings of guilt you may have. Hold onto this truth: If you are well rested and energised, you have the potential to be the best parent you can possibly be. And your child deserves the best, right? No more guilt trips!

Parenthood is challenging and you are allowed to ask for help. I have the best mother-in-law and she helps me take care of the kids when I feel overwhelmed. Sleep deprivation can push you over the edge emotionally. Make sure you don’t reach that point of exhaustion.

As I finish off, I’m looking at Mia smiling at me – she can brighten up an entire day with just one smile. Wow, I love being a parent, mixed emotions and all.

MommaMia Tip: Ask for help. REST! I repeat, no more guilt trips!

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