1-2 Months

Somehow, getting through the first month of nurturing a baby is somewhat of a blur. Being in survival mode and getting used to the new dynamics with a baby in the house is what has filled my days. To be honest, I feel clueless and scared. Not to mention still having to be a wife and homemaker!

The weightiness of the responsibility of raising a child and doing it without totally messing up, creates a heaviness that caught me off guard as I entered motherhood. Being a mom is such an important job and I still doubt myself, sometimes wondering, whether I’m cut out for a mission of this magnitude.

Sometimes Mia will cry, and I have no idea why. Often she will sleep and other times not. Sometimes, I think I’ve got her in a routine, and then, just like that, she will do something unexpected that wasn’t part of her routine the day before. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m ever doing anything remotely right. On days like that, when I’ve done everything I can possibly think of to satisfy her needs and she still cries, I just hold her and sit and cry with her.

Bonding didn’t happen instantly for me like they show in the movies. I had to work hard at understanding my baby’s needs. I had to learn her language; which cry means what. It took some time to figure out how she likes to be held during feeds and what eases her when she is upset. I didn’t instinctively know all these things. I had to trial and error to get to know this little person that is my child. I had to learn that bonding with Mia is building a relationship just like any other important relationships in my life. It doesn’t happen with the swish of a magic wand, it takes effort. But then, I have to add that, putting in the effort and getting to know my little baby is a joy I cannot begin to describe.

The joy I find in the sacrifices made with a newborn in the house and the overwhelming awareness of the imposing responsibility of raising a child is what makes me a good mother. I know the sacrifices I need to make, and I love making those sacrifices to raise my child with love.

I want to hear that I am a good mother and very few people have actually said it to me. People make unnecessary and unkind comments. Please don’t tag yourself with those statements. Let me tell you now that you are the best parent your child will ever have. No one will do a better job than you. God’s perfect design placed your child in your hands. Don’t ever forget that. His plan is perfect, and you are the best mother for your baby. Embrace that truth!

MommaMia Tip: Be confident in motherhood and learn from your mistakes as you go along. It is a process not a recipe. All of the best for being that special, one-of-a-kind mommy!

Visit the Parent 24 website for a very interesting article on understanding your baby’s body language. “Can you decode your baby’s body language? “ (https://m.parent24.com)

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