Elmarie Boesenberg

Manager – Pretoria North Campus

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About Elmarie

Once my husband and I brought our baby girl home, we were hit by the tsunami of being first time parents. We were so willing but so clueless with our baby. We knew Corien, founder of MommaMia, as we worked together, but could never have imagined the colossal value she and her program would bring to our lives, as well as for our baby.


We started doing the occupational therapy focused activities and immediately started feeling more at ease with handling our baby. For me as the mother, it also promoted our bonding tremendously.


Seeing the unending potential and value of this program, I decided to become the proud owner of the MommaMia Pretoria North campus.


I love that the heart of MommaMia is to create a safe space for mother and child to bond while playing and learning, as this was my need as a mother as well. I craved assurance, guidance and not to be left behind as a person. MommaMia helped me find my identity as a mother and I truly want to help other mothers to find theirs as well.

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