My name is Corien Kruger and I have conceptualised an educational programme, developed with a treasured one-year old.  My daughter Mia and I would love to share our journey and our programme with you, as we stand hand in hand, teacher and student to bring you this wonderful new innovation.

As a qualified Occupational Therapist with more than a decade of experience in the field of Paediatrics, I recogonised the great need of parents to understand the principles of development and to gain the knowledge to apply these enjoyable practices at home while treasuring moments of playful time with their children.

Mia and I are IN IT to INFLUENCE IT…developing young minds to become the self-motivated and inspired innovators of the future.

Our Vision

Playfully developing the genius within

Playfully developing the genius within:  Everything a child needs to reach their full potential is already on the inside of them.  The secret lies in harnessing that individual potential by applying the right developmental activities at the right age and in the right sequence, which is an essential component to build a structurally sound foundation for future scholastic performance and life skills.  MommaMia holds the key to playfully unlock and develop the genius that is within every child, with demonstrable long-term benefits.

A fresh Innovation

The MommaMia programme is genuinely an innovation that could change the world.  Why?  Because the future of our nation is dependent on effectively moulding the minds and hearts of our children. Thus enabling them to optimise their innate natural skills and potential.