Follow these milestones to see how your baby aligns with these stages of development.

Week 0-1

  • Can see objects about 20-30 centimetres away from the face
  • Loves to look at faces although vision is still blurry
  • May move head from side to side while looking at mom
  • May copy you when you stick out your tongue
  • Can lie on tummy for about 1 minute and might lift head momentarily

Week 1-2

  • According to BabyCenter, your baby will move in and out of several different states of sleepiness, quiet alertness and active alertness
  • You communicate with your baby through your voice and touch while she communicates her needs through crying, making sounds and momentarily making eye contact
  • Let your baby experience a variety of movements in different positions to stimulate the vestibular system

Week 2-3

  • Can lie on tummy for 1-3 minutes – tummy time strengthens the muscles necessary for future skills such as pushing up on arms, rolling over, sitting and crawling
  • May lift head and move it from side to side
  • May use the palmar or grasp reflex to momentarily hold onto an object (1-2 seconds) when placed in the palm of the hand

Week 3-4

  • Is interested in hanging mobiles
  • Holds onto your finger when placed in hand
  • Uses sounds such as cooing, grunting or gurgling to interact
  • Kicks legs during nappy change
  • Talking to your baby will develop future language and communication skills

1-2 Months

Week 4-5

  • Swipes at objects
  • Starts smiling
  • Lifts head and turns it from side to side while lying on tummy
  • Can lift and support head for a few moments
  • May track a slow-moving object or toy

Week 5-6

  • Interacts with sounds from the environment using coos, lip smacks as well as arm and leg movements
  • Will turn head towards direction of familiar sounds, especially familiar voices
  • Starts paying attention to faces
  • Can hold onto an object when placed in the palm of the hand – will drop object but not by opening the hand voluntarily

Week 6-7

  • May reach and swipe towards an object
  • May reach out to an object placed in front of her while positioned on tummy
  • May notice own hand movements and bring hands together in the midline to observe
  • Lifts head while sitting supported on mom’s lap

Week 7-8

  • Attempts to imitate a sound made by the parent
  • May imitate a cough
  • May roll from back onto side
  • Is attracted to high contrasting colours like black and white

2-3 Months

Fine motor skills

  • Observes own hand movements and brings hands together in the midline to put in mouth
  • May reach out and grab hold of a rattle/rubber ring/squeaky toy presented in the midline

Gross motor skills

  • Keeps head upright in supported sitting
  • Shows limited head lag when pulled from a lying to a sitting position
  • May roll from side unto back and from back to side
  • Starts to push off with legs and push up on arms when positioned on tummy

Communication and language development

  • Will watch your mouth as you communicate
  • Demonstrates unique cries for different needs
  • Loves to watch parents make funny faces and silly noises for entertainment

Social and emotional interaction

  • Holds out hands and arms to be picked up

Cognitive development

  • Knows the difference between familiar voices and sounds
  • Is able to locate a sound and will turn head towards it
  • Shows interest in multi-coloured objects and a variety of shapes

Self-help and imitation skills

  • May imitate “raspberry” sounds
  • Invest in a good bedtime routine:
    • Bath
    • Massage
    • Reading/Singing a song
    • Bottle/Feed
    • Bed

3-4 Months

Fine motor skills

  • Brings hands together in midline to put in mouth
  • Is able to open and close fingers
  • Is able to hold onto a toy like a rattle or rubber ring
  • May swat or grab hold of a toy
  • Clutches and pulls on clothing

Gross motor skills

  • Waves arms and pumps legs
  • Is able to lift head 45-90 degrees while lying on tummy
  • Rocks back and forth in supported sitting
  • Holds head steady when body is in an upright position
  • Rolls from side unto back and from back to side

Communication and language development

  • Uses gurgling sounds to communicate
  • May react to parent with squeals of delight
  • Enjoys activities where she is carried around in her familiar surroundings, while the parent is pointing at and naming objects
  • Enjoys looking at pictures of familiar objects like a bottle, teddy or mobile

Social and emotional interaction

  • Might show some separation anxiety and be uneasy with strangers
  • Starts to smile and even laugh out loud
  • May search for parent in room and make eye contact, then react positively when finding parent by smiling and moving arms
  • Enjoys looking at/observing other babies

Cognitive development

  • Enjoys looking at pictures of faces or watching herself in the mirror
  • May start playing peek-a-boo – pulls cloth from face when asked: “Where are you?”

Self-help and imitation skills

  • During lighter sleep cycles your baby may move or change their facial expression.
  • As your baby grows her sleep will change to longer intervals as she settles into her sleeping, eating, and awake time routines.

These developmental milestones are based on my own experiences with Mia, but it can differ from child to child. I found that the developmental guidelines and articles given by BabyCenter is a very helpful tool to assist in answering questions and concerns regarding your child’s development. I have added some of their guidelines here.