Playfully developing the genius within

Take a look at the MommaMia Curriculum. Click here to view one week. 3 Months to 3 years available now.

Key benefits:

Designed by Occupational therapist

The MommaMia curriculum is a well structured, therapeutically designed school program for babies and toddlers that address all the developmental spheres of the child’s life.

Developmental areas addressed

  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Language development and communication
  • Cognitive reasoning
  • Social and emotional learning and functional self help skills

Building a strong foundation

The program follows a specific sequence of development to ensure that each building block is correctly positioned and integrated to establish a firm and unflawed foundation for future learning to take place.

Fun-filled activities for each day

The program has been tailored into a unique, fun-filled curriculum with an activity for each day that the teacher can present in class.  Each activity is created at the child’s level and focuses on their interest therefore you will always have a class that is fully engaged and enjoying every moment of their lesson.

Activities can be scaled up or simplified

Each activity is conveniently graded to simplify for those children that are still struggling and to scale up the activity for the more advanced child.

No need for expensive toys

MommaMia teaches you to use what you’ve got in a creative and fun way which makes the program highly cost effective.

Visual aids

Each activity in the curriculum is visually demonstrated to make it easy for the teacher to implement in their class.

Increase parent involvement

MommaMia aids the school in getting the parents involved in their child’s development.  By using the MommaMia App, the parent can follow the MommaMia program for their individual child and the app. develops and grows with the child making it a highly impactful and practical tool to use. Each activity is showcased in a short 30 second video and empowers the parent with knowledge to optimally develop their child through loving and playful interaction. MommaMia provides the platform for parents and teacher to take hands and work together for the benefit of the child.