0-3 Months Questionnaire - MommaMia

Milestone Questionnaire

This questionnaire was devised by our team of therapists to allow parents to check their child’s development at each critical developmental stage. Many families who have walked through our door say, “I wish I would have done this sooner”, “My doctor told me to wait and see”, and “I knew something wasn’t right”.

Development is an amazing phenomenon. Each developmental milestone lays the foundation for the next milestone. There are many factors that can influence your child’s development. Some of them include: health of the mother during pregnancy, length of labor, type of delivery, ability of the child to latch and feed, sleep habits, childhood illness such as ear infections, upper respiratory infections, use of antibiotics, as well as food sensitivities/intolerances and environmental toxins.

We hope this questionnaire will help you find answers to your child’s development, while providing some insight as to why that skill is important.

0-3 Months Questionnaire

During the first 3 months your baby will start to stretch and kick vigorously. He/she will also start to gain better head control. Your baby will start to respond to unexpected and familiar sounds. He/she will focus on your face, smile, coo, and may even mimic facial expressions.